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FP Loot Distribution


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Loot Rules
Everyone loves loot! In FP we use a raid point system we’ve dubbed Forgotten Prophets Points (FPP). Any member of the raid, except probation, is eligible to roll on an item that drops from a boss for which their class is given priority (we’ll call out the item and who is allowed to roll on it). All members (except probation) can use points on an item if they have them. Points are awarded to all members (EVEN probation) who are present at a raid in which we are handing out points. For us, that means 25 man raid bosses. We may from time to time give out incentive points for a night of learning attempts, but it is not a regular occurrence. Just when Stangmeister is feeling like people worked particularly hard. For now, all 25 man raid bosses values are listed below. Points are viewable on the website. http://www.forgottenprophets.com/fpp/listmembers.php

I have FPP, now how do I use them?
FPP is a modified roll system. You can accrue unlimited FPP. You can only use 100 points at a time. To calculate your roll you take half (50%) of your useable points and add that number to the bottom end of your roll (normal roll = 1-100) if the number is not a whole number you must round down. You can add up to a maximum of 100 points to the top end of your roll.

- Gynis has 31 points saved up and showing on the FPP page. He wants to use points on an item being rolled on. Gynis will “/random 15-131”

- Gynis has 108 points saved up and showing on the FPP page. He wants to use points on an item being rolled on. Gynis will “/random 50-200”

- Gynis has 50,000 points saved up and showing on the FPP page. He doesn’t want to use points on an item being rolled on (he always wins what he wants). Gynis will /random 1-100

- You must use all of your points, if you roll with points, up to 100. You cannot use more than 100 points or less than your complete amount of points if below 100 (for example, you cannot use only 50 points if you have 75)

- You are not required to use points. You may simply /rand 100 for any item.

- Points will only be deducted if you win the item.

The Dream Item Clause
For folks who have more than 300 points, they can elect to invoke the Dream item clause for an item they REALLY REALLY want. This works by /rand 100 – (total points). If you have 890 points, you would /rand 100-890. People who roll with their dream items will only compete with other people dream iteming. If you roll a 103 and someone NOT using the dream item rolls at 200, you will still win the item and ALL of your points will be wiped. No points will be used if you do not win the item.

You can use 1 RTU per instance reset. If we do Maulgar on Tuesday and you win an item, you are not eligible to win an item from Gruul on Saturday.

If no one wants an item, or no one is willing to roll and use up their RTU (or already HAS used their RTU and no one else wants something) then the item will be called RTE. This means any class that can equip the item can /random (1-100) for the chance to buy the item from the guild. Items are now 100g when they are RTE. This is paid to the guild bank representative before being picked up. There are no “IOUs.” If you don’t have the cash on you, ask a buddy. They’ll be happy to loan it to you, but we cannot be paid on Tuesday for a Hamburger today.


3 points: For progression night attempts
X points: For a 25 man raid boss kill where X equals the number of badges the boss drops
X * 2 points: For a "ZOMG FIRST" Kill where X equals the number of badges the boss drops

Members asked to sit out for a boss kill to bring in someone of a different class for better group composition will recieve the full amount of points for the kill.
If you leave early on a "progression" night, you may not be eligible for the 3 point incentive.
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