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  2. Congratulations on wrapping up Azshara's Eternal Palace everyone - Thank you for an awesome tier, and thank you to everyone who came for the cheevo run. Not everyone got all of the cheevos, but we all had a great time.
  3. Not even I could miss this. Looks great!
  4. I'm in for a fun league if you get it together
  5. I would love to join in, if there's room! Go Bears!
  6. Dak

    FP Fantasy Football

    Bragging rights unless people want it to be a money league
  7. Is it a money league or you doing it just for bragging rights?
  8. Dak

    FP Fantasy Football

    I know this isn't WoW related but it's about that time of year again for some FP fantasy football. Trying to set it up earlier than usual to accommodate as many people as possible. Anyway, I'm already going to contact everybody that was involved last year, but if you haven't done it and you're interested, then shoot me a message. It's a PPR league with an extra flex spot, no draft date set yet.
  9. Just like the old days! edit: holy shit I completely forgot about my signature image
  10. People love to disrupt tanking.
  11. New hotfix: We’re working on a hotfix today that will cause all tank specializations to now generate additional threat, via increases granted at each of the three Essence slot unlocks. At each of the three Essence slot unlocks, damage-dealing specializations are gaining an increase in their damage output that is substantial enough to sometimes unintentionally disrupt tanking. This change should keep threat generation, relative to DPS, on par with where it was earlier in the expansion. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/increasing-tank-threat/232762
  12. I'm always stunned that people can make stuff look this neat =D
  13. I don’t watch much fan made stuff but this guy’s work is really good.
  14. NO FIGHTING!!! 

  15. I heard Volkv keep, keeps it real. 

  16. HI!!!! Great job bringing it back
  17. I got it changed for ya!
  18. Awesome, thanks for the work to bring these back
  19. Yay! Of course, now I can’t change my profile name... -Kornith
  20. Also! Take some time to edit your user profile if you're not a new user! We modified a lot of the info for 2019 wow and real life.
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