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FP's Rules / Structure


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Forgotten Prophets is the real life result of a lot of online effort. We started as a merger to get more than 10 people online in order to do MC and we soon turned into something larger than the sum of its parts. We went through changes in leadership, structure, focus, and many other aspects of guild existence.


Forgotten Prophets (FP) is the result of joint efforts from other guilds (Knights of Anubis, Majestry of Mayhem, Enlighten, Friends with Benefits, Solace, etc.) but for anyone who’s been in FP for any length of time, those names are foggy memories that are replaced by the addiction that is FP. Someday a book may be written about how FP came into existence, it’ll be pitched to Blizzard, and get us a quest line in which a legendary item [Thunderfury, Bane of Forgotten Prophets] is the reward. For now let’s focus on the present. . .



The Rules

We are all in a social, entertainment setting where people pay to play and expect complete freedom, we still have RULES!


“You see I believe in freedom. Not many people do, although they will of course protest otherwise. And no practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based."


1. Don’t be a jackass.

Despite how simple this rule is, more people break this than anything else. There are various ways to BE a jackass, so we’ll give you some pointers.


2. Rudeness toward another player is not tolerated.

This means cruel jokes, snippy comments, and generally “asshattery”. This also means NO tolerance for racial epithets, comments demeaning someone on religion, or sexual orientation. This will get you immediate guild removal with no appeal. If you choose to try an appeal it will be with Gynis in a private vent channel.


3. No vulgarity in guild chat or public vent channels.

Vulgarity can be anything from excessive swearing to ‘clean language’ describing vulgar acts. We’re reasonable people. We’re not going to come down on you for the occasional expletive outburst, but we will remind you to keep it under control. If you feel this rule is levied unfairly at you, or feel the urge to defend a particular discussion as NOT vulgar, just the way things are, then you’re more than likely wrong but you can appeal it. Send a PM or schedule a time with the officer/CL who took intitial action and discuss it with them like a civil human being. If they aren't having it, schedule do the same with a guardian. If it was with a Guardian, well, really there is no appeals process and any attempt to "negotiate" your way out of whatever it is that you did will probably only further incite anger and desire for retribution! And I don't mean making all of the Paladins respec to something useless.


4. Don’t rain on someone else’s parade.

If someone is happy about something, show them some support. Don’t try to demean their glee over their new found love for their pet Egbert. Don’t acknowledge it if you think it’s horrible, but don’t belittle someone for finding some joy in this cruel, sick world, you mean little bastard.



Guild Leadership

The guild has a hierarchy of ranks and responsibilities. The leadership ranks are voluntary positions, so remember that next time you find yourself having thoughts about “the man.” These folks are here to enjoy their game and try to give you an environment so you can enjoy yours.



These folks are the management of the guild. They are everything from Class Leaders to bankers to trusted advisors. They have the ability to invite, promote, kick, and otherwise mess with your ranking.


Class Leaders

These councilors specifically are in charge of their respective classes. They are your point people for the leadership and any concerns you have at all about FP and the way that it is run. If you are having a problem with a member, take it to your class leader. If you are having a problem with your class leader, take it to a Guardian.



FP has three guardians who are all the GM. They are the final authority in all things guild related and the buck stops there. They are all equal in rank and authority, and dividing them about an issue publicly is quite a feat. Honestly. We’re almost always on the same page about everything. It’s FREAKY!




We have 3 member ranks in the guild each with varying degrees of benefits. Two raid ranks and a “Friends and Family” rank.


Friends and Family

This, basically, is exactly what it says. People who don’t really want to raid (or know that they’re not going to get much of an opportunity to raid) but have real life friends in FP and want to have a shared guild chat and maybe extend their family a little. F&F are encouraged to sign up for raids if they’re interested in going, but don’t bet on it. If you are severely desirous of a raiding environment, discuss it with your CL, but more than likely FP will not be the place for you unless a raid slot opens up.



This is a raid rank. These folks are members who have the capacity to raid, but perhaps not the time. Heralds are encouraged to sign up for any raid that they can attend, but will be moved to overflow for members with a Disciple rank. If you are a herald, sign up. More than likely you’ll get to go. We have a strong history of allowing even those with limited play time the opportunity to raid and see end game content while contributing to a successful run.



These folks are regular raiders who have the time, skill, attitude, and reliability to show up to raids, prepared and with their game faces on. Disciple ranks can sign up for any posted raid and will only be competing with other disciples for raid spots. Class Leaders are the ultimate decision maker on who gets promoted to which rank after probation, and all ranks are subject to the same rules.



EVERY member of FP will enter into our guild on Probation. You may or may not work out for us. We may or may not work out for you. That’s what this period is for. There is no set time limit on how long you are on probation. It is entirely up to your class leader concerning the time of your probation (or in some circumstances a Guardian, but we really don’t like to meddle.)




If you break one of our simple rules then you will be placed on Probation. Probation means benched on raids and dead last on the loot list. It also means that your guild membership is in jeopardy and that you should probably be on your best behavior until the thing that got you on probation has passed. Probations as punishment are a MINIMUM of two weeks, but can go longer. Basically this will be determined by your Class Leader and any other affected officers.



Dealing With Problems

We are a VERY friendly and available leadership and encourage you to take issues that you may be having with other players or the guild in general to your class leader. If you have received a punishment from a councilor (for maybe being mouthy in guild chat, begging for cash, or otherwise being a weirdo) then you may appeal to your Class Leader to help resolve that problem. If you are having problems with your Class Leader, please take it to a Guardian. If you are having problems with a Guardian, well, so long and thanks for all the fish.




This is basically how we work. Most importantly, communication is key. If you find yourself being rude or having something negative to say, keep it to yourself or handle it in a private forum.


All officers check their PMs, in-game mail, and tell windows regularly. This is really the only way to get something changed to benefit the majority of the players. We are known to change any system that isn’t working, but we must be aware of how it’s not working to address it.


We may use your suggestions or come up with something on our own, but believe us that we will address any problem that we have with the sense of urgency that it demands. But be aware that the officers are people too. Your delivery is a good portion of what you’re trying to say. Come ranting at us like a mad person and you’re likely to just meet another mad person. If you come with a topic and a civil discussion in hand, you’re likely to get it back.


Overall, be respectful to each other and to those who are working hard to make FP the type of environment where 55 people show up to my house on a random Friday night and party through Monday. Because THAT JUST HAPPENED! Omfg….

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