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I submitted this writing for a contest in octover for the university newspaper. I came in third, and got a 25 dollars gifcard for Chapters (yay books!)


I wasn't allowed to show it to anyone before the winners were announced (/shrug)


here it is




An empty page, pure and holy, not a simple scratch on it, is boring and predictable. We fell in love with writing because blank pages depressed us. It is why we write, blanks are dull and inhuman. But pages that have been written over are not that much better some times. Some written pages have scratches, stains and wrinkles.


But this is why we fell in love with writing darling. Under those scratches, stains and wrinkles there are stories, poems. Under those imperfections there are words. Under all that mess there are ideas, and feelings.


That is why we fell in love with writing.


Some imperfections are impossible to clean away, and others hold the entire page together. That is the beauty of it darling. It is not a perfect craft. Even we, those who have worked on the craft for thousands of years, are responsible for many of the flaws on the written pages.


But we continue to do it.


We write on, making as little mistakes as we can darling. Our reward is the power to look outside the page. The pure pages are dull but full of promise. The written pages are full of stories and beauty.


This is why we fell in love with writing.




(based on La Pajina en Blanco, in El Loco by Gibran Jalil)

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