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The Inkshaper


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The inkshaper was a concept I came up a couple of years ago when I decided to write. It has gone from being me to being an alter-ego, now The Inkshaper is actually Orali (for those who have no read pieces of my novel, he is basically a young writer, the main character of my novel). After the novel ends Orali becomes the Inkshaper, assigned to this task by the Creetor ( the creator of Ojala) to record history and tell tales about Ojala.


Here are some of his tales:


The girl.


In one of my many travels through the stars I met a girl. Not a very special girl; though, some times I wish she had been. I talked to this girl and grew fond of her eyes, cheeks and smile (No, I did not steal them. For those who think they know where this story is going). After talking to her more, I fell in love with her morals and ideas but I hated her ideals. I proposed that she would accompany me to sail the stars. She refused.


“Is it because I am crazy?” I asked.

“It is because you are not” she answered.

“But we have the same interests” I protested.

She smiled, and I shut up.







One Evening, Morning, or Noon, I was sharing supper with the Creetor.

“Nice day we are having” he said as he tore a piece of bread and dipped it in his chocolate.

“Fine day we had I replied.

He smiled “fine day we will have” He continued, and placed the soaked bread in his mouth.

“That is for God to decide” I commented, and decided to have a piece of lamb.

“And for the mortals to argue with” he chewed on his piece of bread, then swallowed it. There was a quiet pause in our chat while he washed down the piece of bread with his chocolate.

That was not deep at all” I begun, the Creetor fixed his eyes on my eyes” Can we try that again?”

The creator thought about it for a second and then chocolate shot from his nose, he fell of the chair and rolled on the floor laughing

“It wasn’t THAT funny”







And there was light indeed. But I refused to believe it was so. My eyes were blinded by my mind “I will never leave the dark” They said. I agreed. So I continued to dwelling the dark while everyone else enjoyed the light.

I heard their laughs

I heard their shouts

But I saw nothing. No light, for I did not believe in its existence. But I remembered.

I heard their whimpers

I heard their cries

But I saw nothing. They were tainted by darkness. But I remembered.

I sensed their anger

I senced their fury

But I saw nothing. I missed their laughter. Then I opened my eyes.

There were shadows

There was light

I laughed

I shouted

And they remembered. I was glad, so I closed my eyes.



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Wow este. That was incredibly original! Makes it very mysterious and makes me want to read more. Nice job!

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It really isn't that original. A sad fact of writing. Most of the stuff I write is the result of am impression left by another writer's work.


These for example are based on the tales of the mad man by Gibran Jalil. A Hindi writer.


It does not, however, bring down the value of my writings. And I do apreciate the words of encouragement.


thank you.

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Hehe...I'm a tad bit ashamed to say that I never actually read this until now Este. It's very nice. I like the fact that everything is short and to the point. I know when I write I have a bad habit of staying too much on one subject on occasion. You should see the sci-fi books I worked on while I was in high school! haha! But anyway, it's really good and I like it. smile.gif Thanks for sharing!

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