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Today I joined the ranks of the riders. I hit level forty, and now have a mount. I like my mount. I swear that if it can be helped, I will never walk on foot again! Lol! It was a long road to 40, and it will be a longer one to the next goal, which is 60 or bust. There are many thanks I'd like to put out to show my appreciation to the FP, which has been very good to me.


Vanin: For giving me the invite.


Honki, Erloin, Potionyguy, and Shalome: The Party of Five. We are all complete idiots and seem to know half of nothing( at least me and Honki do...hehe), but it is always a load of fun in the group that I have had since I started grouping. I look forward to power leveling most of them in the future. Heh.


Whitewolf: My pet. Yes, I'm thanking my pet. My pet is awesome. Thus why I chose to go heavy on Beast Mastery. Now he can turn into the Incredible Hulk with Bestial Wrath. Whitewolf smash! (I stole your line, Ecth. tongue.gif )


Vanin, Aelora, Dragonlgnd, Cari, Bentley, Zedek, Octavious, Hinanin, Fiordelisa, and Ecthelion: This is the list of every 60 I can remember that has helped me along the way. Bentley got thugee vengance for me on that warrior today. Priests ftw. Zedek made my Moonsight Rifle, which I kept for about 20 levels after I got it. Everyone else on this list has run me through something...Vanin(Deadmines), Octavious(Gnomeregan), Hinanin(nothing...but can't not thank Two Towels. heh), Fiordelisa(SM...about 2 or 3 times), Cari(also SM), Dragonlgnd(some place where I killed ogre dudes), and Ecthelion(actually...that run was for Shalome, but I tagged along. heh). Aelora gets the most credit on this list. She has single-handedly leveled my fishing to 150, shown me not to be deathly afraid of Horde(just less than deathly afraid), and, most importantly, gave me the 70 gold loan I needed to get my mount as soon as I hit 40...and a nice pair of mail pants at the AH. For that, I made sure to pay back every bit of it in less than a week. She's the greatest, and I hope to return the favors someday.


Shalome and Vanin: For being my ammo bank. Keep up the good work, engineers. smile.gif


Mobs: For dying. They did not deserve to die...okay, they did. But I shall honor them with a nice funeral, where there will be a non-existant ceremony followed up with loads of celebrating their lifeless corpeses with Mountain Dew and Doritos.


Any Horde characters who did not gank me: I think that speaks for itself.


Everyone else in the FP: Even though you may not have been a major contributing factor in my progress to 40, you still all deserve props. I'll make up reasons why later.


Now that I have a mount, mail, and a whole new set of goals, it's time to get to work. 60...here I come! Better run while you can...heh.


Many Thanks FP, Triggahapy and Whitewolf(he howls his thanks, too)


*Oh, and thanks to Fredricko for not shielding me when that 29 rogue tore me up at level 31. Even though I was not in your group, and thus could be shielded...you shoulda shielded me, son! tongue.gif I will forever fear level 29 rogues. Thanks. Heh.

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Im happy to see you so excited! You are going to be 60 in no time.

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