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Summer Party Pics!


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Ok, so I needed to get these up and found time to do it.... (No more AD rep grinding!!!)


Well, We should start with a pic of the host. Here's Ecthelion (thanx again Ect!)http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d50/readyakira/Etch_outside.jpg


Our resident Shaggy



The late arrival Amitesh....



Aelora "I don't need no bib, I see the bottom!"



Is this a dreamless sleep potion?



Funny eh? Your next!



This tastes like kool-aid



Who needs glasses?



Anyone have a soulstone up?



This isn't a hat it's a helm!



Does this prevent stealth?



Bubble this



You want me to put what in that hand?



Now this is a weapon!



I promise my eye are open during raids!



Did someone say stang was coming?



Priests RulE



And that is about it... there are a few more but I think these were some of the best. Hopefully next time we will have a bigger group... like a full raid?

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First, looked like fun, now, did anyone wear the bucket on their head and run around?


(jeez, pretty pathetic first reply)

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God I look "Heroic" in that pic. Back to the gym for my fat ass.


Just for the record, if you ever want to see funny. Get Miro to smoke a stogie. I'll just let that one simmer for a while.


I've got a few pics on my phone. I'll have to get around to posting them sometime this weel.


I'd just like to thank everyone again for coming. I had a wonderful time.

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I had such a good time and the company was awesome!!!! We def need more next time, even if its a 20 man raid =)

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Lol looks like it was a fun party.

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