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Crystal Fang strategy (only for druids/rogues)


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Welcome back. If you are here without having read the "long moan" post just below you should hit the back button of your browser.

If you are not a druid or a rogue you have to be really bored to go through this but I understand that not being a rogue is boring.


So, you're all so excited about this Crystal Fang bitch but you wonder "How can we kill her, Forever ?"


This is a good question.


As every big hunt, the first issue is to FIND Crystal Fang.


The best way to do this is for each member of the hunting squad to explore lbrs solo so that we increase our chances to get her to spawn.

Once Crystal has been found by one of the players, the others reset their current instance (see my post about reset macros). The only purpose of this reset is to avoid you to zone out because in lbrs it can be very long). But as soon as you log in at the entrance of a fresh lbrs you of course have to zone out and ask for an invite.


Where is Crystal ?


Crystal is in the last Spider patch.

To get there you do the usual stealth shortcut :


Enter the first room, take the right stairs and jump. Enter the door on the left in front of you. Careful, there is a patrol somewhere.


You arrive on a big platform. On your right you see an Ogre platform, that's where the "shortcut" is.

Hug the right wall and jump down. KEEP ON HUGGING the wall and jump again. Go to the extremity of the ledge and you have a big jump to make.


This jump don't break Rogue stealth but it seems it breaks Druid stealth. Yeah. Reroll.

It may be wise for druids to make sure that they can restealth as soon as they touch the ground but there's plenty of room to fall without aggroing anything.

The only thing that can go bad here is if you fall RIGHT on the head of the patrolling guy. (Hi Ainsley)


You carry on on your right, until you reach the spiders. Yes. Yuck


You pass the first patch (hug left wall), go around sometherweb then start prowling on the metal "bridge". Pass the roaming spider and you arrive at Crystal's patch.

2 bid spiders there with their small spider guards. If Crystal is not one of the big spiders. Reset.


If she is, call the other hunters so that they can reset and join you.


Before fighting you must pass this spider patch. Be careful because it's the trickiest. Rogue "Distract" is a big help.

I find that hugging the left wall and passing over the boulders is the best way.

Enter the next "room". That's where you'll be buffing up


Once the party is there, yours truly will show you what used to be called the "escape bridge". It's a metal bridge over the orcs.




I'll be waiting just on top of this bridge. The druid makes a prayer and say good bye to his beloved friends. Then he goes back to the spiders and sleep the big one. Then he runs back with Crystal and lots of small spiders running after him while turning into bear form and mentally cursing me for bringing him here.

As a bear he gives as much damage as he can to Crystal. When he's low on health he jumps on the bridge. He is now safe (*giggles*) and can turn back into the elegant NE form that we love so much so that he can heal yours truly that is bravely still fighting Crystal Fang.


When Crystal dies it spawns 4 additional spiders. The noble druid down the bridge is expected to be ready to deal with a massive damage surge on the above mentionned fearless Rogue.


I then open the loot pannel which will always pop up a roll screen for the blue item that is always there. I strongly encourage the noble druid not to click roll at all since it would be pretty annoying to roll on the dagger by mistake....


Then I jump on the bridge and vanish.


I see a question in the back of the room. Yes ?


"Fearless Rogue, why do you have to vanish since the spiders can't follow you on that bridge ?"

Hahaha. Good question again...


Well...turns out that there is a LITTLE bug.

The spiders don't follow us indeed but they DO hit us and will kill us in about 3 seconds.


"But what will happen to the Noble Druid who don't have Vanish available ?"


Security ? Can you take this brat out please ?


*cough* Yes...Noble Druid will die...I will mourn his death...

Then I'll tell him to hurry his lazy tree hugger ass because we need to try again.

Times flies when you're having fun.


With a party made of 2 rogues we can't sleep the second big spider (I hear druids laughing) but we have quite some dps to kill Crystal fast, jump and vanish (I see druids stop laughing at the mention of "vanish").

Then we come back to the corpse, where one rogue pulls the small spiders away while fearless rogue safely loots.


That's about it. Piece of cake.


For the records I've tried every possible way to solo her with all the tricks in the game. No way. I've died maybe 20 times trying.

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I noticed that I did not take damage from that last jump a couple times. I'm not sure why. Also, I usually hug the right on the first patch of spiders, right under Smolderweb's nose.

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