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Bug Trio


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I found a german strategy for the three bugs. Its in horrible german-english slang but i tried to make a rough translation.





Princess Yauj:


Aura of Fear:

An AoE Fear that has a range of 60yds that wipes everyone off the agro table completely, even if you resist the fear.



Direct damage for +500 and stuns the target for 2sec.


Heals herself or another by about 25%HP if they’re in range. This can be stopped with Earthshock/Counterspell/Kick!


As soon as she dies, she will spawn about 20 small bugs (Yauj Brood) that have to be AoE’d.


Lord Kri:


Toxic Volley:

A ranged AoE poison volley that does 500 direct damage and DoTs the raid for 15sec with 150 Nautre damange every 2sec – stacks up to 20x!) – Decursable.


He also has a formidable 360° cleave. As soon as he dies, he leaves behind a poison cloud that deals 2k damage every second when you’re in contact with it.





Deals 500 damage to target and stuns up to 4 targets for 2sec.

Berserker Charge:

Vem charges a target and deals 300 damage as well as knocking it back before returning to the MT.

Knock Away:

Knocks his target back (MT) and reduces the targets agro.


The fear and poison cloud are not affected by LOS!



The easiest combo to kill the bosses would be to kill 1. Lord Kro, 2. Princess Yauj, 3. Vem in a row.


After killing Vem, the other 2 bugs lose their temper! Their attack speed increases by 150% and damage dealt by 100%!


Every time a boss dies, the remaining ones will run to the cadaver and consume it – this regenerates their hit points! The raid groups have to get their respective bosses back to their positions ASAP.

There should be 3 groups for this fight: 1 for each of the bosses. The positioning of the raid is determined by the positions of the bosses.


Princess Yauj:


Her positioning is important; she has to be at least 60yds away from Kri and Vem.


Yauj will fear anyone within her 60yd range leading to a complete agro wipe. When this happens, she only has 2 directions to charge in. Either the Kri group or the Vem group. By each of these groups, there has to be a tank that is ready to taunt her and bring her back to her position.


Important: As soon as the new tank taunts her, he will become the new MT for Yauj until the next fear. The tank who tanked her the last time will revert to one of the 2 other boss groups awaiting the next fear i.e. MTs will be taking turns tanking her and waiting to taunt and bring her back.


When Kri dies, the fight on Yauj begins. At this stage of the fight it is important for all players to be out of her 60yd fear range (It doesn’t say where they should be, but i assume near or with the Vem group). When her fear comes, she now only has one option to charge in – Vem’s group as this is the only other group left. Again, just like above, there has to be a tank there waiting to taunt her back.


When the DPS begins on Yauj, she will start to heal. She will heal herself for roughly 25%. Mortal strike has to be on her at all times! CTRA should inform the raid when she begins to heal. Kick/Pummel/Shieldbash/Shocks/Counterspell works on stopping the heal – Silence does not.

If Yauj tries to heal herself after a fear, mages who are supposed to be out of her range should blink in and counterspell her.


When she dies, about 20 elite bugs will spawn, they hv to be AoE’d down.


Lord Kri:


Kri, in terms of executing the strat to kill him, is the easiest boss – unfortunately he has the highest damage output in this encounter. He has a 360° AoE poison volley that isn’t affect by LOS. He also has a 360° cleave so melee are unable to avoid this cleave. There are 2 options for melee – either they do hit&runs on Kri or they should be grouped with one of the other 2 boss groups.

Melee shouldn’t be restricted to just using guns/bows as they would be a waste to heal and decurse.

Shamans/Paladins/Druids should be focusing on decursing and then healing.

It is recommended that all tanks have maximum defense and stamina gear for all 3 bosses even Kri’s MT. The raiders who are within <60yds of Kri should hv 150-200NR unbuffed.


As soon as Kri dies, he will leave a poison cloud behind that deals 2k damage every second. For this reason, no one apart from the MT should be near Kri from 5% onwards! The MT has to get away from Kri as soon as he dies and will require extensive healing for this period!


Important: It is important for the raiders in each boss group to be close to each other in the event that Yauj charges into your group, it will make the designated tank’s life easier to taunt her and bring her back. You also want the tanks position and subsequent path back to Yauj’s spot to be as short as possible so she does not fear while the tank is still bringing her back – this is the main reason causing raids to wipe!




Vem is the smallest bug but requires the most attention. The Vem group should be 1 hunter, 2 tanks and 3 healers (1 priest, 1 druid, 1 pally/shammy)


Vem has a tendency to reduce the agro of the tank currently tanking him as well temporarily wiping it through a short stun. He also charges any player that is outside of his 15yd range from time to time.


For this reason, Vem’s MT must have his back against a wall. The 3 healers should be about 14yds behind vem (about 20yds away from the MT) so that they’re not in range of the AoE stuns and out of range of the charges. The hunter and 2nd tank should also be 14yds behind Vem, so they stand with the healers. The hunter should be building agro that he’s above the healing agro but under the MT’s agro. The 2nd tank should be standing and ready to go.

Should the MT get stunned or knocked back, Vem will start to charge. It doesn’t matter if heads to the Yauj or Kri group, he will still hv to pass through the other 5 players in the Vem group! The 2nd tank’s job is to now get on Vem and taunt him and bring him back to position. Just like with Yauj, he will be the new MT until the next knockback/charge.


Tip1: The hunter is a protection measure so that the healers don’t agro or get charged and in the event that the 2nd tank’s taunt resists, he can Distracting Shot Vem to keep him away from the other 2 boss groups and bring him back to the Vem group position.


Tip2: The 2nd tank in the Vem group is not part of the Yauj tank rotation! So there will be 3 tanks at the Vem group (1 Tanking Vem, 1 ready to taunt Vem back into position and 1 in case Yauj heads to the Vem group).

Therefore Kri’s group will have 1 tank on Kri and 1 tank ready to taunt Yauj if she charges to the Kri group.


When both Kri and Yauj are dead, its Vem’s turn. There are 2 posibilities: stand in a circle around him and let him charge around like crazy or the easier option – everyone stays within melee range of Vem so he doesn’t charge. This is fine because he doesn’t cleave. Casters and healers have to be careful with agro, if you pull agro you won’t have a lot of time to react!


There were a few paragraphs that dont make sense but either way this guide offers a little more info and hopefully some ideas for this encounter that could help us!

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Ha! I was just talking to a few people about the princess strat. Looks like we hit the nail on the head!

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