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Fixing Decursive


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NOTE: This is for version 1.9.0, there is a new working version released

Taken from the WoW Interface Customization Forums



I just tried implementing this change, and it didn't quite work as I'd planned because of the instancing order. So here's an alternative solution (which I've tested and it seems to work smile.gif while we wait for Quu to come to our rescue.


1. Make sure you have Decursive 1.9.0 installed (or else if you know what you are doing you can make the equivalent change for whatever version you are running).


2. Find Decursive.xml (in Interface/Addons/Decursive) and open it in a text editor. (For Windows users, use Notepad if you don't have anything else).


3. Go to line 1781 of Decursive.xml (in Notepad use CTRL-G to go to a line). Which should look like:


<GameTooltip name="Dcr_Tooltip" hidden="true" inherits="GameTooltipTemplate" />




4. Replace this line (1781) with the following:


<GameTooltip name="Dcr_Tooltip" inherits="GameTooltipTemplate">



this:SetOwner(Decursive, "ANCHOR_NONE");







Note that capitalization is very important, so make sure you have that correct. (Indentation isn't important however, so you don't need to put the exact number of spaces in front of each line or anything).


5. Save the file and close your editor (Notepad).


6. Restart WoW.


That should be it!

-- Cirk


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