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Rumors of things after 1.10


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This part was post by someone from Immo who saved this before a blue deleted it off of the wow forums.



Level 60 Orc Warlock  

Guild: Paradosi  

Realm: Kargath  


First, the Gauntlets of Annihilation are real. They were one of the first items included with the 1.9 patch series. They are part of the plate Annihilation set, similar to the leather Taut Dragonhide set of BWL. Prophet Skeram drops the first piece, the Breastplate of Annihilation:  




Notice the prevailing theme of excessive strength, minor stamina, and crit/hit. The Gauntlets have an armor value of 615. The current loot-link is the result of an error. Many items in the past have had errors with lacking statistics (armor, durability...) or incorrect numbers, such as the one-handed mace with the amazing 132 dps that didn't make it past 1.9 test.  


Second, regarding legendaries:  


Paladins keep griping about being left out regarding the Sulfuras, Thunderfury and now this caster trinket, when they should realize the Ashbringer is intended to be *the* paladin legendary. The current released stats are faked versions, but the quest for the real deal will surface after 1.11's patch introduces Naxx Necropolis.  


This instance will introduce a new faction the Order of the Silver Hand, open to both Alliance and Horde just like Argent Dawn, and will act as the quest/reputation barrier for players to acquire the next tier armor sets. The Order is refounded by Tirion Fordring. This faction (and Tirion) plus the Shen'dralar faction of Dire Maul West (and the Prince) will be part of the quest series for players to discover its location. This is why 1.10 makes a point of fixing the DM class books oversight of allowing players to speed grind through Shen'dralar rep.  


The last 2 librams of Winthalus' 10 libram set will also be introduced. To date, only 8 exist in game. An elf at Flame crest seeks 5, while another elf in DM Library seeks 3 (after you complete a quest involving the Winthalus' skeleton right next to his feet). The final two librams will feature +20 frost resist (parelleling the +20 FR enchant) to prep players for Naxx's cold-based encounters, and +20 nature resist to compensate for the poor NR itemization currently in game. Both of these librams will demand varied levels of Shen'dralar reputation, and a strict set of materials, just like the ZG enchants.  


Finally, the quest Quintessence intiates is far from complete. It resolves with the introduction of Naxx in 1.11. This quest series can be compared most easily to a combination of the Thunderfury and Benediction quest lines.  


The Piercing Eye of the Abyss serves a similar purpose in this legendary quest line as the Eye of Shadow/Divinity does for the Priest in their staff search. The only difference is that Blizzard has decided not to screw players over with a meaningless trinket that lacks stats. Imagine a player getting this drop and completing the first portion of the quest, only to have a worthless item for the next several months. They attached an interesting and certainly unique effect to it to hold players over for the time being. The passive 2% crit parellels Eyes of the Beast so that players aren't at a total disadvantage while alive.  


Things to consider:  


1. Stacking the Piercing Eye and Eyes of the Beast is a significant amount of crit, especially now that 2% spell crit rings are surfacing.  


2. Combining the Piercing Eye and Blue Dragon card creates some interesting results.  


3. A mage or warlock has free reign with AE spells due to the trinket's effect.  


The intention of the quest line is to provide a staff usable by the 5 chosen classes. The details of this event are unfinalized at the moment or I would detail them. The current plan is to have several staff fragments that must be acquired and forged using accessory resources (your typical elementium ore, etc). Unlike the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, this was not a preexisting staff. The purpose of the quest is to find a way to create a shaft capable of fixing the Piercing Eye at its tip and wielding it properly. This will involve deep raiding into the Necropolis, among other things. The quest thereby upgrades the original item so to speak. Until then, the Eye serves as a temp prize of sorts, and also functions as the marker that lets the server know you are on the quest and it will lead you through the event. C'thun's story is far from complete; the same holds true for Fandral's...  


Know this... the Shen'dralar were a private order of arcanists that served Queen Azshara directly. The library they built contains a far greater wealth of knowledge than anything in the world, and there are books both lost and in the library that will surface with regards to the legendary staff quest.


This was posted by a WoW Producer on the 1 year anniversary of the Euro release of WoW on the Euro forums. So Naxxramas in a few months. We better make short work of AQ. /flex FPFTMFW


...Looking at the game itself, we’re currently in the process of testing patch 1.10 which is scheduled for release in the beginning of March. This patch includes the much awaited weather effects and more content for small-group players. We’re also continuing the talent improvements with a look at the Priest.  


Looking further into the future, here are some of our major goals for 2006:  

  • In patch 1.11: Naxxramas! – the massive necropolis floating above Stratholme, home to Kel’Thuzad  

  • More content tailored for casual level 60 players  

  • Greater focus on outdoor PvP  

  • Talent improvements for the remaining classes; Shaman, Rogue and Mage  

  • More world events and holidays  

  • Fee-based character transfers  

  • Improved forums and web sites, including more interactive content such as the PvP Honor rankings and the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort pages  

  • A new data centre and continual upgrading of the existing ones to accommodate for the tremendous growth in Europe  

      And of course, work continues on World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Among the exciting features currently in implementation and testing is the flying mounts, giving a spectacular view from high in the air. We will reveal more about the expansion in the upcoming months as our designers, programmers and artists continue to make Outland and the other new areas of the expansion come alive. Stay updated on the World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade web sites for news.  


      We extend our thanks to the European community for supporting and contributing to World of Warcraft over this past year, and making both playing the game and working on it a unique experience. We look forward to another year of fun adventuring and new challenges in Azeroth and Outland side by side with you.  


      Shane Dabiri  


      Lead Producer, World of Warcraft

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Crap, Naxxramas is cold based? All this time I thought it was shadow. Time to stock up on those cold protection recipes.

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I think Naxx is a lot of things. A Wing of it is suppose to be Cold, another Shadow, etc. With 16 bosses it's possible that every magic is used.


There is a wing with Abominations, which probably means AoE poisons and deseases, so Nature may be of use there. The Necromancers will probably do frost and shadow, and the Death Knight wing will probably just be shadow.


Hell, it's even possible that there are currupt Scarlets in there that do Holy damage lol

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when I thought about it it made sense, I don't know why anyone ever assumed it would be a warrior weapon in the first place. It was crafted for the Scarlet Highlord, a freakn Paladin.

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plus if it is based on rep with the order of the silver hand... I kinda get the idea that paladins will get an easier rep grinding

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nice, this is like a 40man strath im sure, yay pallies prolly have abit more role in this instance !


i hope they make more +holy damage on weapons (definitely benefit some of our abilities), im sure blizz will bring out more in the new instance. 'cus atm i think lightforge blade is the only one atm which is like a 50's sword.

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