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Firemaw: Melee and Melee's Healers positioning


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On our best attempt Erlin and I split melee. Me on rogues, him on warriors. If you're standing in the right spot and Firemaw is positioned right you shouldn't take any damage. You may still get the Flame Buffet debuff, but you shouldn't get the Wing Buffet or anything else he does. One fire pot lasted me the whole time and very little had to be absorbed.


If you're melee and not getting healed, you're probably in our dead zone, hence the skeleton in that block. Move to the small block that is circled and we should be able to get you. When you run back around the corner, BANDAGE! wink.gif


If you end up being the druid on that side, use that Rez as soon as the MT or one of the two OT's goes down. In most cases Gryph, Beorn, or Ratava. They should be rezzed before anyone even has a chance to say "Rez [insert name of meat shield here]". Save NS for weird aggro changes. Just listen to Gryph and if he sounds unsure about getting aggro back or the wrong tank has aggro, you'll more than likely have to Oh Shizz heal Firemaws target. I think I used two mana pots on our best attempt, but I probably would have had to use one more if we lived longer.

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