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Festival of Light Elders


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Funny how the thing got started at night eh?


Anyways, for anyone that cares, If you visited each one of these Elders you'd get 10,000 rep spread across the 4 main factions + fun rewards.


If this is your kinda thing then have at it.


Eastern Kingdoms

1. The Undercity - Elder Darkcore, in the throne room at the city entrance

2. Tirisfal Glades - Elder Graveborn, Brill, by the Inn on the path

3. Silverpine Forest - Elder Obsidian, Sepulcher, at front gate

4. Western Plaguelands - Elder Moonstrike, Scholomance, right outside the instance on the roof of the portal building

5. Western Plaguelands - Elder Meadowrun, south of Weeping Cavern (Big thanks to Scurn of Darkspear, confirmed by Azuresx of Deathwing)

6. Eastern Plaguelands - Elder Windrun, Crown Guard Tower

7. Eastern Plaguelands - Elder Snowcrown, Light's Hope Chapel

8. The Hinterlands - Elder Highpeak, on the hill at The Creeping Ruin

9. Loch Modan - Elder Silvervein, Theramore, on a hill overlooking the graveyard.

10. Dun Morogh - Elder Goldwell, Kharanos, just North of the Inn along the outside wall

11. Ironforge - Elder Bronzebeard, The Mystic Ward in the central pool

12. Searing Gorge - Elder Ironband, Blackchar Cave

13. Burning Steppes - Elder Dawnstrider, Flamecrest, just West of the flight path, off the ramp.

14. Burning Steppes, Elder Rumblerock, Dreadmaul Rock, to the right of the highest cave

15. Blasted Lands - Elder Bellowrage, Dark Portal, just over the North lip of the crater

16. Stormwind City - Elder Hammershout, The Park around the center

17. Elwynn Forest - Elder Stormbrow, Goldshire, behind the blacksmith shop by the lake.

18. Westfall - Elder Skychaser, Sentinel Hill, at the top of the tower.

19. Stranglethorn Vale - Elder Winterhoof, Booty Bay, near the boat dock on the lowest level

20. Stranglethorn Vale - Elder Starglade, Zul'Gurub, right outside the instance portal to the south



1. Darnassus - Elder Bladeswift, Cenarion Enclave

2. Teldrassil - Elder Bladeleaf, Dolanaar, just South-East of the Inn next to a moonwell

3. Darkshore - Elder Stargleam, Auberdine, just South of city along beach

4. Ashenvale - Elder Riversong, Astranaar, center of city in a gazebo

5. Winterspring - Elder Brightspear, Ruins of Kel'theril, south-east of the frozen lake in the ruins

6. Winterspring - Elder Stonespire, Everlook, outside the bank

7. Azshara - Elder Skygleam, Ravencrest Monument, eastern tip of the fallen green statue

8. Felwood - Elder Nightwind, Jaedenar, North of the first cave, heading towards the river

9. Orgrimmar - Elder Darkhorn, outside Thrall's chamber in the Valley of Wisdom

10. Durotar - Elder Runetotem, Razor Hill, south of the Razor Hill Barracks

11. The Barrens - Elder Windtotem, Ratchet, near where the engineer trainer/suppliers are in the North.

12. The Barrens - Elder Moonwarden, The Crossroads, near flight path

13. The Barrens - Elder High Mountain, Camp Taurajo, east gate

14. Thunder Bluff - Elder Proudhorn, Elder Rise

15. Mulgore - Elder Bloodhoof, Bloodhoof Village, next to the bridge on the path leading to Thunder Bluff

16. Feralas - Elder Grimtotem, Lariss Pavilion

17. Feralas - Elder Mistwalker, Dire Maul, in the arena

18. Thousand Needles - Elder Skyseer, Freewind Post

19. Thousand Needles - Elder Morningdew, Mirage Raceway, next to the start/finish line

20. Tanaris - Elder Ragetotem, Vallew of the Watchers, behind a pillar on the west side of the giants

21. Tanaris - Elder Dreamseer, Gadgetzan, south gate

22. Un'goro Crater - Elder Thunderhorn, Slithering Scar, just north of the underground hive.

23. Silithus - Elder Bladesing, Cenarion Hold, in the moonwell

24. Silithus - Elder Primestone, Crystal Vale, right before the North-west tent


Inside Instances

1. Elder Farwhisper - Eastern Plaguelands, 'streets of Stratholme' - somewhere on the undead side

2. Elder Starsong - Swamp of Sorrows, Sunken Temple - somewhere near dragons

3. Elder Morndeep - Blackrock Depths, Ring of Law, middle of the arena floor (Thanks Wodin of Proudmoore)

4. Elder Stonefort - Blackrock Spire, LBRS, past the first bridge

5. Elder Wildmane - Tanaris, Zul'Farrak, next to Gahz'rilla's pool (thanks, Mishona of Zul'jin)

6. Elder Splitrock - Desolace, Maraudon, between Rotgrip and the Inventor



These are all from the 2 NPC's in Nighthaven, Moonglade. The Elders also send you items in the mail after you've spoken with them (and they somehow manage to avoid the 1-hour-mailed-item-delay. h4x)




so there you go..GOTTA GET EM ALL!



And no, I didnt write all this, copy and pasted from different fourm biggrin.gif

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Yep all i got left is Lbrs, Strath ad Maraudon


BRD is not hard i got it w/o dying no prob. (Run in grab and run out before the door closes.)


ZF avoid aggro and its simple.


For ST you either need to run fast! or have a steath pot or 2 every time you can take a left (left more staircase) run up turn left after the first lot of dragons then another left into another group and the elder is standing there.


LBRS is gunna be hard for me seeing as i have no idea where im going biggrin.gif.

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i got a bunch of these, but are the only prizes the dumplings and the suit and such?

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apparently 10k rep for all 4 major races.... but what good is that save for mounts?

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They could always add more stuff for exalted rep with the major factions. Look at AD rep, the exalted thing you can buy didnt exsist until a patch came out I think. So they could always add to it.Plus if they add another rank to reputation than itll give you a head start on it.

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That fear resist one would totally screw over locks in PvP so its a good thing they aren't real

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