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The Esteb is writer too you know


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Hey guys!


This is a more less unserius topic than most of whatever it is I do around here.


This is about what I do. I write, and plan to do so for a living (gulp i know)


so... I want to know how you like the stuff I write.


Let us sink as we drown in the turbulent flames. Open our wings and soar with pride through the stone. Lets mix It all up and tear it apart from a single string made of air.


We are mighty! we are strong! let us lift a grain of sand with all our power. Lets jump down from the coin and free fall untill our parachutes open.


Let us crash violently with the pillow and swim straight through it.


The sky is the limit! and we shall not go lower than the ground! We are free, and havok is our game.


Your's trully.




That is the last one I wrote.


and here are most of my older ones






and some of the junk that I have written since last year ^^




so If you are bored... well click a random one and show me sum luv tongue.gif

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I didnt know Esteban has a sensitive side. tongue.gif



Well, although the links arent working right now...i pretty much enjoy poetry myself...been writing since i was little. I got my poems actually picked by poetry.com but never really got into till i forgot about it since you need to pay them for it to be published. ill try to find it and post it on here and let me know what you think. tongue.gif


Ill check ur links out again when it works!!!

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stupid thing refuses to work at times sad.gif




Black White Yellow Reds

Masks of many colors

my mortal friends


Encrusted with diamonds

forged with prejudice irons

ignorance's handywork at its best


Masks designed by past heroes

villains,and acts of peace and war

envy and fear the masterminds behind all


masks to shape reality

to the like of the master blacksmiths

the rulers whose greed the forge fires


Masks of mesmerizing beauty

yet match to the original mold

which lost the essence and its magical hold


Remove these masks my mortal friends

show us who you trully are

see who every one trully is



Oook... thats Masks..I recieved too much stuff from poetry.com for this one... admitebly i won the "Editors choice"award for it tongue.gif


anyways... lets see....



My dear old friend


Things like these are not for free my dear friend

oh no they are not, values come to a price,



Respect is earned, just like a meal

coin by coin, sweat by sweat.

so is love my old friend

tear by tear


you pay for what you get

you get what you paid

you may think many pay less

forget that nonsense


Fate gives you not only a second chance

but a third and a fourth

see this you may not,



Said the child to his father

with that innocent smile

that would be whipped off his face

by a slap from humanity


Esteban Rivera


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Very nice my fellow prophet, very nice indeed.

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good stuff, i myself prefer to try and stick to a structual pattern. Iambic pentameter is probably my favorite to write in. I need to dig some up and post em.

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My favorite one is the old friend poem, very well done and thanks so much for sharing Esteban!

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