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Welcome to the new FP Point System


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Below you will find the new point system we will be trying for upcoming raid events in FP. There has been a lot of discussion, and this is the compromise we came up with. This is a work in progress, and we will be carefully tracking points, who's spending them, who's benefitting, if it makes a difference at all, etc.


I ask that all members be patient while we try this out. This is NOT the law for ever and ever, never to be reexamined. It is what we'd like to try going forward to help spread the love.


Modified RTU with FPP (Forgotten Prophet Points)


Raid participation points are accumulated by members who attend an FP sponsored raid (complete with sign-ups on the forum).


During a raid, a member will accumulate FPP based on the following:


3 pts for bosses up to Rag in MC

5 pts for Onyxia and Rag


Points will be tallied and accumulated by Officers and Counilors and records will be kept up to date and viewable online on the forgottenprophets.com site in the members section of the forums.


What do I do with these massive ammounts of FPP? Glad you asked. These points can be added to your /rand duirng loot distribution in the following manner. There is no limit to the amount of FPP you can accumulate HOWEVER you will only be allowed to use a maximum of 100 points at a time. With every roll that you elect to use points on, you MUST USE THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF POINTS AVAILABLE TO YOU.


The new forumula for points is as follows: Your points used divided by two will be the bottom number of your roll (if this is odd, round down) with a maximum points used of 100. Your top end will be 100+points used. EXAMPLES:


I have 41 points and want to use them on a roll. I will type:


/rand 20 141.




I have 400 points in the bank. I will type:


/rand 50 200


When loot is called and classes are determined, members will have to decide whether to /rand 100, or /rand (FPP/2)+FPP. Should you decide to use your FPP to make your roll more advantageous, you must use all of your FPP points. No partial advantages are permitted. If you mess up, and only use part of your FPP, and win the item anyway, you will still lose the full amount of your FPP.


The number of points you use on a winning roll will be subtracted from your points total. If you /rand 25 150 and win, you will lose 50 FPP. If you have 50 FPP in the bank, but you chose to /rand 100 and win, you will not lose FPP. Should you lose a roll even with your advantage, you are not deducted points and your FPP will continue to acrue.


If you give up your spot in order to accomodate class composition for the success of the raid (for example, to allow one more warlock for Garr) you will receive credit for the boss' spot you sit out on, and the next boss after that (should there be one). This is ONLY if you remove yourself from the raid for class composition needs. If you have to leave because the FBI finally found you, you will not recieve points for missed bosses.


There is still one RTU per instance reset.


Please be respectful of fellow guildies. Disputes over loot or rude comments for someone who beats you aren't frowned upon, they're a hellworthy tresspass. Do this, and I'll freakin spank you. Seriously. This is a pet peeve and I will fall on you like the very hand of doom itself. Be happy for every Epic we get. It's a win for FP!


We reserve the right to edit, alter, or change this system at any time. That includes removing it entirely.


Probies will acrue points, but will not be able to use them until they make Member.


This is our latest attempt to improve our system. Please bear in mind that these changes, like all others to this system, may be ammended, revoked, or changed with notice in the future.


Since this is our new system there are a few things I will ask. Please PM your class leader stating that you've read the new rules and understand them.


Also, because it is a lot of work on our raid leaders, any intentional idiocy with points during rolls will result in penalization. That means if you don't like the way we're doing rolls, and you decide to /rand 100 - 200, just because, then you WILL be faced with disciplinary action. No one likes a smartass.

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