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who's coming with me?!?!??


1) Head over to Cafe Molten Core, Have a Ragnaros Face Melt Sandwich with a cup o essence of the firelord.. hopefully Eye of Rag dessert.


2) PARTY BOAT RIDE to the club in menethil, then down to Silithus to put some kinky cuffs on an elemental lord. then beat his ass!


= Tonderfurry!


So, who's comin with me!?!??!? it'll be fun!!! take a shot for every MC boss ? lol


probably about 7- 7:30 pm tuesday night

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OMG......YOU SHOULD HAVE COME WITH ME, you would have died.. get this..... this is a pretty awesome story. i cant imagine this actually happening often, or possibly even ever.. maybe....


i was actually trying for hand of rag for the longest time.. so i for sh1ts and giggles i built the sulfuron hammer.. just kept it in my bag just in case the eye dropped while i was running mc for fun... during this time i had one binding.. so im going about my business running mc.. sulfuron hammer in the bag. and BOOM the other binding drops.


thats what sparked the Tonderfury... also i had kinda half-a$$ collecting elementium from BWL.. just cuz i had one binding so.. lo and behold... i do everything to get the thunderfury. and i needed to run MC one more time to get essence of the firelord to finish the tonderfurry quest.. and guess what drops.


ORANNGGEEEEHAAAMMMERRRR eye of rag friggin drops. I literally put together 2 legendaries in a span of 15 seconds.


went and got my thunderfury, then clicked the eye. i have my warr Titan gripping the legendaries right now lol


i felt like i beat the game. vanilla wow > all. i think i had the most fun then. in general. i probably should have quit the game after that


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