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Taming Sambas.


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Firstly; http://www.wowhead.com/npc=50159/sambas


I used NPCScan, NPCScan Overlay, a manual /target Sambas macro and multiple toons.


The tactic I used was to park one toon at the spot due South East of Kirthaven (Mt spot) and patrolled the four spots in the form of Orion's Belt from South of the Maw of Madness, through the "Thundermar" spot then on to the "Forrest" spot just South of Glogput's and finally to the North Victor's Point (NVP) spot.At times I had a couple helpful guildies camp NVP which I found allowed me almost solitary coverage over South Maw, Thundermar and the Forrest spot. With two characters out there I found it helpful as then I only had to do "Orion's run" which made sure I was never flying over terrain he would not spawn in. Having a third member at NVP made me feel as if it was very difficult for me to miss him should he spawn.

I eventually found him in the Thundermar spot during one of my patrol breaks when he happened to spawn right below me. I had predicted this would perhaps be the spot as many of the hunters I had spoken to had found him here. The only incident of note was being beaten to him (in between the Forrest and Thundermar spots) and I personally tamed him 11 hours later.


Ok now some 'data'


10:43pm - 26/3/11 - Tamed by Hunter @ Forrest/Thundermar

3:43am - 27/3/11 - Predicted possible respawn, no show.

9:20am - 27/3/11 - Predicted possible respawn, no show.

12:15 - 3:00pm - 27/3/11 - Camped, no show.

6:00pm - 27/3/11 - Predicted spawn, no show.

9:08pm - 27/3/11 - Predicted possible respawn.

9:10pm - 27/3/11 - TAMED @ Thundermar Spot.


From my 'data' I have predicted he is on a 6-12 hour respawn timer. I found him approx. 10h40m after my recorded sighting. He DID NOT spawn throughout the day, I can confirm this as my girlfriend camped him while I was asleep for those few hours. :P


I hope this helps, Happy Hunting.



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