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Cataclysm performance tweak


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If you have a Directx 11 capable video card, you can try enable the experimental DX11 render pathway for a big jump in performance. For more info, see this link:



Blizzard's World of Warcraft 3D engine is said to center on a modified Warcraft III engine, which required DirectX 8.1. With that said, World of Warcraft now employs a DirectX 9 code path, extending compatibility to a broad range of modern graphics cards dating back to 2003.


Of course, gamers get excited about subsequent versions of DirectX (or OpenGL, for that matter) because they often herald a new generation of effects and technologies developers can use to augment realism. But a new API doesn't necessarily have to center on beautiful new features; it can also introduce more efficient ways of doing things already seen today. We saw that recently with Firaxis' Civilization V, which uses DirectX 11 to help improve performance (rather than introduce new eye candy).


As it turns out, Cataclysm incorporates experimental support for DirectX 11, and rather than adding anything visually, it's designed to help speed up performance, too.


Of course, if you want to take advantage of DirectX 11, you'll need a DX11-capable card from AMD's Radeon HD 5000/6000 lineup or Nvidia's GeForce GTx 400 series. You can't enable DX11 through a graphical option. Rather, you'll need to add '-d3d11' to your World of Warcraft shortcut. Or, open your config.wtf file (located in ...\World of Warcraft\WTF\) and add the line SET gxApi "d3d11".


There is tons more info on the site..... Looks like I'll need to upgrade my vid card! =P

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