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Roleplaying: Thogrim's Bio


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Full Name: Thogrim of Ironforge, of the Bronzebeard Clan

Nicknames: Thog

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Ironforge Dwarf

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Skin: Light Tan

Eyes: Grey

Height: 200lbs

Weight: 4'10

Place of residence: Ironforge

Place of Birth: Dun Modr

Known Relatives:

Parents: Deceased. Siblings: Three.

Father: Killed in the Second War during the Fighting at the Thandol Span. Mother killed soon after the end of the war on assingment for the Explorers Leauge.

Thogram: The third of four brothers, Thogram is currently in training to become a priest of the Light at Northshire Abbey in Elwynn Forest.

Thogrum: Thogrum, the second of four brothers and Thogram's twin, Thogrum is currently in warrior training in Ironforge.

Thogren: The fourth of four brothers, and Thogrim's best friend during childhood. Thogren followed Thogrim into the Order of the Silver Hand and became an ordained member of the order. He fell during the battle for Lights Hope Chapel. His remains were never reovered. Thogrim mourns his loss to this day.

Religion/Philosophy: Thogrim is a follower of the Holy Light. He is an ordained member of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

Occupation: Healer/Physician. Thogrim's faith lead him to a life of helping the needy and tending the sick and wounded. He also learned the traditional dwarven skills of mining and at an early age showed great skill and promise with a hammer and anvil. He is an accomplished armorsmith.

Group/Guild affiliation: Thogrim is a member of a loose coalition of adventurers known as the Forgotten Prophets, having joined after his younger brother Thogrum had contacted him and told him that these allies might be able to help him in his assault on Icecrown Citadeal.

Guild Rank: Initate

Enemies: Thogrim bears no one ill will. All his anger and dislike is reserved for the servants of Arthas, the undead. Scourage, Forsaken or mindless ghoul, all are equal in his mind and all are to be destroyed. He has a healthy dislike for the Scarlet Crusade and their tactics for dealing with the undead.

Likes: Thogrim likes good food, espically roast Clefthoof Ribs and beer, a good tale of glory and advanture over a roaring fire told by friends and a good fist fight now and then. He also like exploring, wether it be riding his Alterac Battlecharger over Strange lands with the wind in his beard or crawling through a slimy duengon, Thogrim is an invetrate explorer. He also likes collecting odds and ends from all his travels.

Favorite Foods: Clefthoof Ribs and thick Dark Beer.

Favorite Drinks: Water while adventuring, but beer and sometimes the occasinal nip of brandy...to fight off the chills

Favorite Colors: Red and Gold, the Colors of Ironforge, and Silver and Black, the colors of the Argent Dawn

Weapons of Choice: Thogrim was trained in the traditional weapons of his order, maces axes and swords, but has been seen fighting with everything from ledgendary two handed weapons to the traditional paladin weapons of a mace and a sheild. He detests ranged weapons, as he belives that to to battle with somone, you must look into their eyes.

Dislikes: Night Elves. He thinks that a race so ancient and wise would have learned not to be so aloof and haughty. He also dislikes people who will not stop to help out strangers. Ofetn in his travels Thogrim has been seen lending aid by healing wounded travelers, giving the Blessings of the Light, or sometimes, lending his skill with his arms and armament to a stranger in need. He tries to help whenever possible, as this is part of his order and of his calling.

Hobbies: Thogrim collects pre First War Armor. He also is constantly exploring, the more exotic and dangerous the place, the better.

Afiliations and Loyalties:

Knight of The Silver Hand: Ordained member.

Well known and respected in Stormwind and Ironforge.

Suspected to have ties to the Argent Dawn.

Known to have worked for the Explorers Leauge.

Well respected by the commanders of the Shattered Sun offensive.


Positive Personality Traits: Truly belives in the power of forgiveness and redemption. Will go out of his way to help somone in need. Will gladly give his life in defence of those who need defended.

Negative Personality Traits: Thogrim is a healer, and a force for good, but he has a dark side. Since the loss of his little brother, once a promising young paladin, to the Scourage, Thogrim has dedicated his life to the destruction of all of Arthas's Minions. His hatred of the Undead borders on an obsession.


Adventuring Companions:

BillyWallace: A vagrant human warrior with a penchant for strong drink and a reckless abandon in battle that Thogrim admires. BillyWallace and Thogrim have pulled, dragged and taunted each other through some of the worst places in Azeroth and in the Outlands. Thogrim considers Billywallace his fourth brother. Billywallace was last seen in Northrend, yeling cheerfully, with a bottle in one hand, sword waving in the other, galloping into the mists of the Borean Tundra.


Kyne: Kyne is a Knight of the Silver Hand and an old friend of Thogrim. They adventured together for many years, and share a passion for hunting undead that few others understand. Kyne is currently in seclusion in a monastary in the Cathedral District of Stormwind City. He is meditating and seeking peace within himself, lest his urges to hunt the undead lead to his undoing. It is not known when he will return to adventuring.


Uncleyndar: A wandering hunter with a knack for engineering and an unhealthy fasination for guns...very big guns.


Vasquarble: A sneaky, shifty night elf. Always 'finding' things that don't belong to him and skulking around in the shadows. Vasquarble is a handy fellow to have around in a tight spot however, as he is VERY handy with a dagger. Known to have multiple sharp objects on his person at a time.


Stassy: A human warrior, a sweet, friendly girl who just happens to go into an insane rage at the sight of Hordies and charge screaming with an axe...Many suprised hordies have fallen before this petite blonde woman's weapons.





Thogrim was the oldest of four brothers, and raised them after their parents were killed in the Second War. Coming from a very faithful family, He and two of his brothers all served the calling of the light. His other brother, while very faithful, took a more martial path, and went to study the way of the warrior. After the Third War, Thogrim and his brothers, now grown, went their seperate ways. Thogram remains in Monastical training in Stormwind, at Northshire Abbey. His second youngest brother, Thogrum, was in the Ironforge militia, and trained in the ways of the warrior. He now also roams the land, looking for their brother. His youngest brother,

Thogren, was ordained a Knight of the Silver Hand, and vowed to folow in his older brothers footsteps. He followed the path of the light. His first action against the Scourage came at the Battle of Lights Hope Chapel. He stood his ground along with three hundres other paladins, against the might of the Scourge. Thogren fell, while defending the last bastion of the Light in those plauged lands. His remains were never recovered. To this day, Thogrim mourns and is ridden by greif and guilt that it was not him at that

battle, and that it was his influence that led his brother to choose the path of the Paladin. Thogrim is now heading to Northrend to investigate rumors of an impending Scourage invasion. He stands ready to bring the power of the Light to that frozen land.

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