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Scourge attacks Capital Cities


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If you go to MMO champ, it's a lot more detailed, but for those who cant at work...


  • Abominations and Frostwyrms are assaulting capital cities
  • Faction Leaders have been moved around to help with the defense
  • The event seems to repeat itself a few minutes after it ends
  • Few changes have been made to the "old" parts of the events, most of the Argent NPCs are gone, battle count has been reset, etc ...


In Stormwind:

Varian Wrynn, Bolvar Frodragon, Broll Bearmantle, Valeera Sanguinar are at the Stormwind Harbor, ready to lead the defense of Stormwind.






Here is the Dialog if you click on the heros:



In Orgrimmar:

Sylvanas Windrunner and Garrosh Hellscream try to convince Thrall to send his forces to Northrend. Thrall doesn't want to fall into a trap and get challenged by Garrosh in the Ring of Valor, Garrosh almost wins but the fight gets interrupted when undeads attack Orgrimmar. At the end of the fight Thrall finally agrees to send the horde to Northrend










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After the whole Zombie event, it was kinda anticlimactic to have an event where the Player could be excluded completely and let the NPCs get involved.

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