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Hey all,


Right now I'm playing my pally. But I have also been playing my shammy.


I haven't been around very long, so I'm not sure where the guild stands on needed classes looking forward to wrath. I know you guys can't tell me what to play and I should play what I enjoy more, but I really like being needed and raiding.


So knowing what we know about the guild now and what we know about wrath:


Which class/spec would be most needed/in demand/welcome in future raids?


Holy Pally

Ret Pally

Resto Shammy

Enh Shammy

Ele Shammy

DPS Warrior



They all seem interesting/cool, with ret being my personal favorite. However, traditionally raiding ret pallys only get that spot after healing/tanking their way into a guilds heart :P I'd be happy to focus on any of the above classes/specs for the guild.

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