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OMG! Dragons and Elephants!!!

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So I FINALLY got my dragon mount, AND. . . I got exalted with Exodar. . . so I took some SUPER CUTE screenshots! :-)



Here's me after I finished the quest and died and was carried back by the big pretty blue dragon. You'll notice I was nekkid because I had just finished racing one of the Netherwing guys and went right to turn in the quest for rep and forgot to put my clothes back on. hee-hee *blush*



I think I remembered to put my clothes on for this next pic. hee-hee




And here's me with my pretty dragon mount. *sigh* I never thought I would get one. I am so happy! I have wanted one so badly for so long. :-) I have named her Mittens. :-) OMG! She's so cute!




And an other of Mittens. :-)






AND. . . last but not least. . . the reason I wanted and Ele-mount was so I could run around on my Elephant AND have a cute little baby elephant with me. And it turned out EVEN CUTER THAN I IMAGINED!!!!!!




OMG! It' s like a Momma Elephant and her baby!!! It's SOOOOO CUTE!!!!


P.S. Don't mind my She-Ra Head-piece. :-P hee-hee

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Thanks guys! :-)


I think my favorite pic is the Elek one. :-) hee-hee. . . . it is SOOOOOOOOO cute! I think I'm going to name my Elek Spot. :-) OMG!!! She's CUTE!

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