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Hit/spell hit/ expertise


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I found this post while looking up some tanking stuff, and thought i would share.



I put the URL and I'm going to copy and past it for those lazy people.



Hey all! I know with the introduction of Expertise, many of us are still wondering exactly how it benefits us, if at all. While I was piecing things together, I figured why not go all out and include the always asked Hit Rating stats as well and while doing THAT, I figured, what the hell, let's go and kick in Spell Hit too!!


Just a notice: You've probably seen me post this on MMOwned and the WoW Guide Section if you frequent them often.


Soooo..here we go!


This thread covers pretty much everything you need to know about Hit Rating, Spell Hit, and Expertise across all the classes and how certain talents affect them.


Tag it if you like, copy/paste it into your own forums.


Also, even though I think it's pretty much done, if you know of any changes or if I put something down incorrectly, please let me know so I can keep this updated and current as much as possible.


Note: These charts are derived from Elitest Jerks, WoWWiki models, and Rohan's Hit Rating Chart. You can find them here:

Working Theories of Theorycrafting as of 2.3 - Elitist Jerks

Weapon skill - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

Rohan's Hit Rating Chart



When you are fighting, you often might see in your combatlog that you missed an attack. This can happen with just your normal (white) attacks or with your special (yellow) attacks.


Obviously you want to miss as little as possible or not miss at all, because a missed attack is an attack that didn't deal any damage at all.


Some information about +Hit and Expertise:


* Any player or mob has a 5% base chance to miss.


* Any mob has a 5% base chance each to dodge, parry and block.


* A player hitting another player, or a mob hitting a player, only gets 0.04% miss chance per point difference.


* +hit is the only way to reduce miss chances.

Agility and Intelligence do NOT help to-hit.


* Expertise is the only way to reduce parry and dodge chances.


* Miss and Dodge chance can all be dropped to 0% (unless you're a caster, then miss chance can only drop to 1%). Theoretically speaking, Parry can be dropped to 0% as well, but at a much higher cost to Expertise.



Applying these formulas gives the following base miss rate against the appropriate mob level:


* v. Level 70 mob: 5.0%

* v. Level 71 mob: 5.5%

* v. Level 72 mob: 6.0%

* v. Level 73 mob: 9.0%



Also, in applying these miss rate formulas, fractional Skill levels are dropped, not rounded. So, say you have are a Level 70 character, and you equip a piece of gear that gives +15 Expertise Rating. In theory, this equates to 3.8 +Expertise. And, in theory, Blizzard could have used the fractional .8 in its subsequent calculations of hit and miss, or, perhaps, rounded it to 4.0. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, the fractional .8 Expertise is simply dropped altogether. You get 3 Expertise for purposes of all Parry and Dodge calculations.


+Hit Caps for Bosses


Hit rating, expertise rating, and spell hit rating are one of the best ways to increase DPS against raid bosses. As raid bosses are considered level 73, you have a much higher chance of your attacks missing than normal. Additionally, hit rating tends to be a "cheap" stat when gear is itemized, meaning that an equivalent amount of hit rating usually does more for your DPS than the same amount of critical hit rating.


However, eventually you have enough hit rating to never miss the boss, and accumulating more hit rating is unnecessary. This is usually referred to as hitting the "hit rating cap".


I have split the following three posts into:


Melee Hit Rating


Spell Hit Rating


Expertise Rating


Followed by Random Notes and Addendum.

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Melee Hit Rating


Base Melee Miss (Dual-Wielding): 28%

Base Melee Miss (2H/1H+Shield/Special Attacks): 9%

Base Ranged Miss: 9%

Hit % = hit rating / 15.8


For example, as a Druid, my weapons (claws, paws, whatever) are considered Two-Handed. Therefore, I need to get 9% worth of hit rating, which is equal to 9 * 15.8 = 142 hit rating, in order to never miss the boss. Hit rating beyond 142 is not useful. After hitting 142 hit rating, I should concentrate on other stats that will boost my attack power and critical hit rating to increase my DPS.


For dual-wielding, the 28% miss chance applies to both Main-Hand and Off-Hand weapons. However, special attacks, such as Backstab, only have a 9% miss rate (142 Hit Rating). For most classes though, regular melee damage is a significant portion of your total DPS.


Unlike spells, when you reach your hit rating cap, your attacks will never miss. Melee attacks can still be dodged or parried. Melee attacks can only be parried if you are in front of the mob.


The following is the amount of hit rating you need to minimize misses for raid boss fights, depending on your class and talents.


Druid (Melee)


Base: 142


Rogue (Dual-Wield)


Base: 442

w/ Precision: 363


Rogue (Special Attacks)


Base: 142

w/ Precision: 63




Base: 142

w/ Surefooted: 95


Shaman (Dual-wield)


Base: 442

w/ Dual Wield Specialization: 348

w/ Nature's Guidance: 395

w/ Dual Wield Specialization + Nature's Guidance: 300


Shaman (Two-Handed/One-Hand + Shield/Special Attacks)


Base: 142

w/ Nature's Guidance: 95


Warrior (Dual-wield)


Base: 442

w/ Precision: 395


Warrior (Two-Handed/One-Hand + Shield/Special Attacks)


Base: 142

w/ Precision: 95


Paladin (Melee)


Base: 142

w/ Precision: 95


Other Factors


Hunter/Paladin/Warrior Draenai Aura: -15.8 hit rating needed

Druid Improved Faerie Fire (Balance): -47 hit rating needed

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Spell Hit Rating


Base Spell Miss: 16%

Spell Hit % = spell hit rating / 12.6


Spells actually have a 17% chance to miss against bosses, but you cannot eliminate that last 1%, so the effective cap is 16%.


Spell chance to miss against Same Level PVP is 3%.


The following is the amount of spell hit rating you need to minimize misses for raid boss fights, depending on your class and talents.




Base: 202

w/ Elemental Precision (Fire/Frost): 164

w/ Arcane Focus (Arcane): 76




Base: 202

w/ Suppression (Affliction): 76


Note that a warlock might still want extra spell hit rating for Shadowbolt and Soulshatter, in which case Suppression becomes redundant.




Base: 202

w/ Shadow Focus (Shadow): 76

w/ Focused Power (Smite, Mind Blast, Mass Dispel): 152

w/ Shadow Focus + Focused Power (Mind Blast): 26


Druid (Spell)


Base: 202

w/ Balance of Power: 152


Shaman (Spell)


Base: 202

w/ Elemental Precision: 126

w/ Nature's Guidance: 164

w/ Elemental Precision + Nature's Guidance: 88


Paladin (Spell)


Base: 202

w/ Precision: 164


Other Factors


Mage/Priest/Shaman Draenai Aura: -12.6 spell hit rating needed

Shaman Totem of Wrath: -38 spell hit rating needed

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Expertise Rating




Expertise is highly desired in tanking because it helps to prevent special attacks from being dodged or parried. For example, at 20 expertise (or 79 expertise rating at level 70), you will reduce the chance that an equal level mob can dodge or parry your attacks by 5%, This allows about 10% more of your swings to hit, increasing your threat generation.


More importantly, expertise also works as a mitigation stat, since when an enemy parries he gains a 40% attack speed increase towards his next swing (making it almost an instant double-hit). Therefore, reducing enemy parries is an important way of reducing incoming overall damage as well as burst damage. Boss parries coupled with boss special attacks are particularly deadly combinations, and have a nefarious history of wiping many appropriately-geared raids.


Note that warriors can gain 2/4/6 points of expertise (that's actual expertise, not expertise rating) by picking up the Defiance talent in the third tier of the Protection tree.


Paladins can get 1-5 points of expertise from Combat Expertise, in the sixth tier of the Protection tree.




Melee DPS also benefit from expertise. With the proper amount of expertise, as long as you're behind your opponent, your attacks will NEVER miss (with Max Hit Rating and Max Expertise rating, your attacks won't "Miss" or be "Dodged")


Weapon Skill


Expertise replaces weapon skill and is not limited to a particular type of weapon. i.e. there is not a separate expertise rating for axes and two-handed swords; the same table applies to both equally.


Expertise against Bosses


Since a boss-mob is calculated as level 73 mob its dodge is increased by 3*0.5% = 1.5% up to 6.5%. To negate 6.5% dodge, 26 points of expertise or 103 points of expertise rating are needed.


Parry rates are unknown at this time but are estimated to be higher (between 10-15% or ~40-69 expertise/~160-273 expertise rating) and are probably variable from one boss to the next.


++++Expertise rounds down. Partial amounts of Expertise do nothing.++++


Base Melee Parry & Dodge: 6.5%

1 Expertise = expertise rating / 3.95

1 Expertise = -0.25% Dodge and -0.25% Parry


When you reach 103 expertise rating, your attacks will never be dodged. Melee attacks can still miss. If you reach both your hit rating cap and 103 expertise, your melee attacks will never miss or be dodged.


The following is the amount of expertise rating you need to minimize dodges for raid boss fights, depending on your class and talents.


Druid (Melee)


Base: 103




Base: 103

w/ Weapon Expertise: 64


Shaman (Melee)


Base: 103




Base: 103

w/ Defiance: 80

w/ Weapon Mastery: 88

w/ Defiance + Weapon Mastery: 64


Paladin (Melee)


Base: 103

w/ Combat Expertise: 84

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* Mage


EP currently grants 6% to Frost (which lowers Frost cap to 127) and 3% to Fire. It is a known bug that Blizzard hasn't said much about, the only comment they've made was Hortus saying it had been reported already.


* Warrior


Apparently this has been fixed in 2.4

Humans get 5 Expertise Skill (19 Expertise Rating: 1.25% Dodge/Parry Reduction) when wielding a sword or mace. They currently get 10 Expertise Skill (39 Expertise Rating: 2.50% Dodge/Parry reduction) if dual wielding a sword and a mace (imagine that will get changed at some point)


Orcs get 5 Expertise Skill (19 Expertise Rating: 1.25% Dodge/Parry Reduction) when wielding an axe.






A little explanation about how the hits & misses work with both white and yellow attacks. The consensus at this point is that yellow attacks are on a 2-roll system, but white attacks still rely on a single roll (except for hunter's, who's ranged attacks seem to all follow the 2-roll system afaik).



Whenever an attack is made (both white damage and specials), the following can happen:








(Parry/Dodge/Glancing are Melee Only)

(Glancing is White Damage Only and Applies 70% of Normal Damage))


The above all have a chance to happen, based on your and your target's stats.

Base miss rate against an equal leveled target is 5%.

Against a mob 3 levels higher than you (which is what a boss is considered to be), your miss rate is 9% or 28% if Dual Wielding.

Glancing Hits are a static 24%.

Parried attacks are 6.5%.


With ranged attacks, there is no 1% chance to miss that cannot be negated. This is a rumor, and is incorrect. Spells always have a 1% chance to be resisted, melee/ranged attacks do not.



Ok, let's deal with your regular white melee hits (non-special attacks). Let's go with 0 hit 0 expertise and 30% crit and attacking from behind to remove parries and blocks. White attacks work on a 1-roll table that looks like this:



Dual Wielding (Druids, Hunters and Single/Two-Handed attacks are 9% Miss Rate - Hunters are on the 2-Roll System following this)


* 1-Roll Table

1-28...: 28% Miss

29-35..: 6.5% Dodge

36-59..: 24% Glancing

60-89..: 30% Crit

90-100: 11.5% Hit



Based on these numbers, you're still hard crit capped at 30%. You'd need an additional 11.4% crit for your complete lack of hit rating and expertise to start affecting your crit hits (once you reach 41.4% Crit, you theoretically push HITS off the table and all the misses you experience at this point are missed crits). So right now, adding +hit and +expertise only increases your white "hits", not your crit.


This completely changes for your special attacks though, as your attacks now are on a 2-roll system and your miss percentage is 9%, same numbers:


2-Roll Table


* First Roll:

1-9.....: 9% Miss

10-16..: 6.5% Dodge

17-100: 84.5% Hit


* If "Hit" Second Roll

1-30...: 30% Crit

31-100: 70% Hit


Now THIS is where your crit becomes "soft-capped" because only 30% of your hits will be crits, and only 84.5% of your attacks will hit.

So that's 30% of 84.5% which turns into 25.35% EFFECTIVE crit.

So at THIS point, not only does adding +hit and +expertise (till cap) increase your chance to HIT, it also increases your chance to CRIT.




This was done by kittikat , who has posted this on many websites, and I thought I would share it. Again the link to it is at the top of the post.

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The wording at the begining seems to suggest this is applicable to PvP as well...Is this correct?

Obviously, you'd have to take into account additional variables based on the opponents ratings, but it seems one could work out a basic formula for estimates.




Great post!

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