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Top Ten Songs For 2007


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I do this every year. What songs did you obsess over in 2007? They don't HAVE to be from 2007 hell they could be form the 80s for all I care, but you know everyone has em!


Mine are in no particular order.



I dunno what it is about santana, but he just never ceases to amazing me and this is for sure my favorite of his guest songs.


9. Girugamesh - Volcano Jrock is always going to hold a soft spot in my heart I lurve it, and this is for sure one of my more favorite jrock bands. Too bad I missed them in LA /sigh.


8. Dir en grey - Dead Tree My all time favorite Jrock band period. They're simply amazing. They've done pretty much every style of rock I can think of, and while this song isn't even CLOSE to one of their bests really, it's a song I listened to alot last year I dunno why.


7. Alien Ant Farm - Courageous I love AAF. I probably will for the rest of forever, and this is by far my favorite song by them ever. /miss



Bi (said as Bee) is a Korean R&B singer, which is a weird leap for me, but I'm half black and apparently that's what makes me like rap, hip-hop, R&B and all that jive. As well as good dancers and Bi has that for sure. SEE HIM IN SPEED RACER DO IT.


5. Chris Brown with T-Pain - Kiss Kiss Another one of those I love good dancers things. Chris Brown is an incredible dancer, and I dunno why but I like this song, probably cause I hear it alot at the clubs ha.



I saw this band when I went to Family Values to see Dir en grey, and they took the stage right before them. Needless to say I was very impressed, and this was my favorite song by them, this or Cast it Out anyways.



This song is deep, and I'm sure most people won't think it's brutal enough as acoustic but that's okay =P I dig it.


2. Evans Blue - Cold (But I'm still here) I love this song SO much, I can't really explain why...So I won't.



Because it ALWAYS makes me laugh ALWAYS.



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