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Drama-free Music Thread


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In light of me setting us up the bomb in the last thread, I decided to make a new one.


I envision everybody posting links to music/videos from artists that they are currently interested in. In fact, I think a good requirement would be that every post needs at least one link to some form of media related to music.

If you post a link to music, please add a note stating what genre it belongs to.


Don't post here just to troll, or say "lol ur music sux", because there was enough of that last time around. Hopefully we got it out of our systems.


Without further adieu, what I currently have on my playlist:


Riverside: Polish progressive rock


Blotted Science: Technical instrumental metal (no screaming zomg!)


The Absence: Melodic death/thrash metal


Genghis Tron: Spastic math metal getting freaky with some chill trance


Anaal Nathrakh: Modern black metal with the most tortured vocals since Burzum


Wolves in the Throne Room: Atmospheric black metal with a focus on nature


That should be enough for now... Looking forward to seeing what everybody else is listening to!

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Good idea on this post Hv, I was thinking of something like this, so we can see and hear eachother's music more then just say what we like.


Jack Johnson is one of my favorites


I guess alternative /singer song writer on what type of music it is.

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As far as stuff I can link to (I'm not about to do anything ILLEGAL here...)


Nice Peter


Guy with a guitar singing about whatever. It's usually good for a few laughs. Haven't listened to his new stuff but his old stuff was great. (I'm listening to some of the new songs right now... 50 Cent is a Pussy made me giggle).


Electric Six


Easily one of my favorite bands. They're from Detroit. They play kind of quirky rock. It's good stuff. They're awesome live, so if you have the chance I recommend seeing them.


Oh. And they used to have a guitarist named Rock and Roll Indian. He's not with them anymore. He was awesome. I mean... look at his name.




This is what Hip Hop from Minnesota sound like. Not quite mainstream but if you like rap/hip hop and are looking for something a little refreshing, give it a try.




Similar to Atmosphere, Slug from Atmosphere actually helps out on a few songs. Also from Minnesota, a little more rap-ish than Atmosphere.

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Garth Brooks: More Than a Memory (country)

-This is his new comeback song, and even though this is one of the few he hasn't written, I think it's pretty great.



Brooks and Dunn: Hillbilly Deluxe (country)

-Just awesome :biggrin:



Edit: I actually liked "Riverside" that HV posted. I have been surprised, haha. Had a good sound to it.

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Dez: LOL @ the "F(*K Guitar Center" song, I can relate


As far as the hip-hop acts go, I actually liked the one you described as more rap-ish better 0_o


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History of Mercia : By Memphis May fire. Screamo, Southern Rock.


Casablanca : By Emarosa, Screamo


Cassidy : Rap, this one's a freestyle.


Cassidy again : Another freestyle, this one's like, a minute longer or so.


Pogo : By Digitalism, Electro? Idk, it just makes me want to dance. Its very catchy.


Zetsu : By the GazettE, Japanese Rock.

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Everytime I read these music threads I swear some of you people are making up names of bands...I guess now I have proof. :sigh:

Hmm, what can I post...


Oasis - Do As Infinity

Probably better known for doing that really screechy Inuyasha song Fukai Mori...which I'm willing to look past in terms of their run as a ubersuccessful jpop/jrock group since it was their first video and real promotion gimmick. Afterwards Ryo (guitar) and Van (vocals) co-wrote nearly all their music for the next....5? CDs (i have them all omg expensive imports!) Their guitarist is pretty sick though (Ryo), but apparently youtube has deleted all the live videos of them...stupid youtube.


Flavor of Life - Utada Hikaru

Really successful artist in Japan, and one of the few to make a decent crossover to America. Her english album Exodus went gold in the states, recorded the opening song for Kingdom Hearts, and was married to the director of the live action/cgi Japanese movie Casshern, if anyone has even seen that...ah the stupid things I know after being Jpns club president for 4 years.


Other than that, my music tastes are pretty 'mainstream', and I'm sure you all have heard them on the radio. GOGO JAPANESE MUSIC!

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