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More 2.3 Love coming down the track


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AV PvP Daily - 2096 Honor 12g 3marks - I've heard the PvP dailies are random




Heroic Dungeon Loving





Rogue Mace Lovin - Note Crit DAMAGE




Set Bonus Changes - For F'in seriously like Druids need more escape-run away abilities.


Shaman : Skyshatter Raiment

(2) Set: Your Chain Heal ability costs 10% less mana.

Old bonus: Your Lesser Healing Wave ability costs 10% less mana.


Druid : Wildhide - Gladiator set

(4) Set: Increases your movement speed by 15% while in Bear, Cat, or Travel Form. Only active outdoors.

Old bonus (2.3 PTR): Reduces the casting time of your Entangling Roots ability by 0.15 sec.


EDIT: Oh and stripper santa outfits.



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All the Druid PvP sets have always had that speed bonus. It's more surprising that they were considering not giving a set that bonus in the first place.


and Hykos will look awesome in the green stripper santa clause outfit. I can't wait!

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that's alot of runecloth for not alot of outfit LOL


true enough, but lemon and bonsai both need one :P it'll be my new "trashy boss kill screenshot" outfit

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