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Wasatch Reptile Expo!!! (Dial Up Warning)


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Hey guys! :) Well, it's been a while since I have had anything to post. . . (with Isis in Chicago doin' breedin' stuff, and

she's the only snake I have right now) I FINALLY have some stuff to post! :)


And I know I am pretty much the only herper here, but I still wanted to share some cool pics of some sweet animals. :)




The Wasatch Reptile Expo is here today and tomorrow, and I got some fun pics. :) Jeremy Stone had a stand up this year,

and of course The Snake Keeper did, too, which was REALLY nice to seem something other than stupid colubrids (no offense

to colu. keepers) :-P hee-hee. . .




I just wish I had a better memory/knowledge of the different ball morphs. . . but I don't. . . so I'll just do my best to recap

for ya. :) On with the pics! :) haha... (And I am still learning how to take pics, so I apologize if they're not the best)




Here's a cute adult tortoise. . . I think it's a Sulcatta (I took pics of these for a friend to show her daughter).












And here are the babies whom I just about died taking pics of. They are SOOOOO cute!
























Here's an adult Spider Ball someone had--soooo pretty.















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Here are the Snake Keeper pics--these are the ones I do not know or remember what some of them are. . .




This--no idea what it is, but it's pretty. :)








This is some sort of pinstripe. . . *blush*








Pie Balds...








A Pastel Sugar (?) which I had not heard of, but was taken back by it. It was so pretty...








Some Motley Boas they had...
















A Lavender Albino Ball--AMAZING... I had no idea these were so pretty in person.












This is a Killer something--I can't remember what, but it was gorgeous!









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And here's a Hypo Mojave--I didn't think you could improve on the Mojave--but I was wrong! This guy was amazing!








Some genetic striped ball pythons...












I don't remember at all what this one was, but it was a cute ball, so I took the pic. :)








And a blue eyed leucistic... a snake I never thought I would see in person. . . simply amazing!
















Here's a cute normal ball that was yawning, but my flash washed it all out :(








And here he is after his yawn, lol..








A cute Biak chondro..







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A pretty big female dumeril's boa..
















Diabla was there, too, pretty as ever. She just ignorin' ev'r one. . . cute little button she is. . .












Here's a crazy red chameleon. .. very pretty...
























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Some snakes from Jeremy's booth...




















Same snake with a normal sibling...








again next to pastel...























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An albino boa from LLL Reptiles
















Some SUPER cute baby bearded dragons








And an adult








And I don't know how this cute guy got in a pic, but oh well. . . ;) hee-hee






And I was trying to take some pics of the tortoise in the background, but that cute boy kept getting

int the way. . . but here's the pics anyway. . .










Oh well. . . silly cute boys. . . hee-hee...

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I like you being into turtles more than snakes. Ever since that one big snake pooped / peed on me that one day when we were trying to clean the cage, I havent been the same.


I know its not poop, it's that musk crap they spray, but it's just poop and pee combined into a spray!

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And I know I am pretty much the only herper here, but I still wanted to share some cool pics of some sweet animals. :)

So wrong!

Amy and I only have a turtle atm, but in the past we've had:


2xAlbino Burmese Python (just like Isis!)

1 Ball Python

1 Redtail Python

2 Prehensile tailed Skinks (my favorite)

Several Green Iguanas

1 Tokai Geko

1 Sailfin Dragon

1 Savanah Monitor


Amy had about 20ish reptiles when I met her (over 10 years ago).


When we moved to SF though small apartment life made keeping more than a few difficult so, as they got old and died, we chose not to replace them :-(


I think I miss the Skinks and Iguanas most; They have this calming effect just by being present. Well, I dunno if that's the case for caged lizards but ours got to roam free in the apartment.


Oh, and Stang...They toilet trained themselves :tongue:

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This episode of Animal Planet was both entertaining, and informative. I wish I had a more developed appreciation for snakes.


Thanks for the pics, Robert! I think a lot of these are really cool looking.

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Thanks guys! I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics. :) It was a lot of fun. I did not go the second day, though--it was too tempting to buy something, and I need to wait for Isis to come back before I get anything. If her breeding goes well, I'll probably end up with one, maybe two babies. And if the breeding doesn't happen, then I can get a new snake. :)


And I TOTALLY forgot about you getting musked, Matt! hee-hee! And it's funny, because that is the one snake I kept! :-P Silly Isis. She so crazy!


Oh! And Feanore! That's awesome someone else here is a herper! I thought I was the only one! :) As soon as Isis gets back (not until next year) I'll post some pics of her. She has been gone for a while now (little over a year) so I don't have any recent pics of her. The last pics I have of her were forever ago because I was mugged and my camera was taken, too. :-P So I of course get a new camera, but now no snakies to take pics of. :-P (Oh, and my Isis is a retic, het albino--she is so gorgeous, and has two awesome dorsal stripes. The male she is breeding with is a tiger retic, het albino, so I am hoping we get some striped albino tigers and striped albinos.) :)

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Well, I sent her out there last year. My friend, Nate, was going to continue feeding her to get her up to size. With snakes, the female has to be so big, and weigh so much, otherwise she won't breed, or if she does, she'll die. When breeding season came around, she still wasn't big enough, so he kept her all last year, continuing to feed. Breeding season starts next month (October). She should be up to size this year. She'll be 3 years old, and should be around 14-15 feet now--which would be a good size, as long as she is at a good weight, too. Once the male is introduced, if they copulate, it takes 3 months for her to produce the eggs. Once the eggs are laid, then he'll send her back (once she is feeding again) and it will be an other 60-90 days for the cute little babies to hatch. :)

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