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  1. N'Zoth wraps up BfA raid bosses and we took him down in record time. Our fastest ever AOTC was five weeks, and this was four. Great work everyone!
  2. Thanks for coming out everyone! Had a great time catching up and seeing all your faces while we've been on break. Happy 15 years, and here is to 15 more!
  3. Congratulations on wrapping up Azshara's Eternal Palace everyone - Thank you for an awesome tier, and thank you to everyone who came for the cheevo run. Not everyone got all of the cheevos, but we all had a great time.
  4. New hotfix: We’re working on a hotfix today that will cause all tank specializations to now generate additional threat, via increases granted at each of the three Essence slot unlocks. At each of the three Essence slot unlocks, damage-dealing specializations are gaining an increase in their damage output that is substantial enough to sometimes unintentionally disrupt tanking. This change should keep threat generation, relative to DPS, on par with where it was earlier in the expansion. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/increasing-tank-threat/232762
  5. I'm always stunned that people can make stuff look this neat =D
  6. I got it changed for ya!
  7. Hi Everyone! Joey, Michael, and I have been working behind the scenes to get the old website upgraded to modern standards and today we finished! If you are someone who has been in FP since forever, you'll see that all of the old stuff is still here, but perhaps moved to the "Archives" portion since those forums are not really relevant today. If you have never been here, welcome to the old FP main website! Go ahead and register and let me know when you do so I can add proper permissions to your account. It is broken up into two main sections - the Forgotten Prophets group of forums which non-members can see, and then the World of Warcraft section which contains more private forums. Let Mike, Joey, or myself know if there are any forums or features you'd like us to add. We are hoping everyone finds this a bit useful, especially since it can be hard to contribute to a discussion you may have seen on discord given how fast the conversation goes there. ❤️
  8. Hey everyone! Re-aquatint yourself with our old/new forums! =D
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