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Guess what, peoples?


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I hope I didn't keep my adoring public awaiting my triumphant return for too long! lol! Anyway, I started back up on my whole writing gig again...and as before, I would love to share with everyone in the most ub3r l33t guild ever! This new one I wrote at work...I was incredibly bored and I had a piece of paper handy. It doesn't really fall under any particular poetry writing style...it's just random.material. Well...hope everyone enjoys! biggrin.gif



Setting Sun



I look to the horizon

and see the rising sun.

Her beauty captivates my heart;

her radiance keeps me warm.


As she rises through the sky,

I cannot help but be in awe.

Her brilliant light shines down on me.

She makes me feel so whole.


She reaches the apex of her ascent,

abd at this point, I know nothing else

but her tender embrace; her kindness and care,

and the feelings she empowers me with.


But then the sun begins to set.

As it spirals lower, I grow quite sad.

I am not sure how I can go on

without her heat and light with me.


The sun slowly dips below the lines

that separate night from day.

I stare as she disappears from my sight.

Shedding tears; for I do not know if she will return to me.


"Why have you set on me?"

I shout this as my heart yearns

for warmth; for kindness once again.

But it seems she has set on me forever.


But as I sit alone and cold,

I realize that a new day will come.

And when it does, I will behold

as a new sun rises once again.

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