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> Application - Realdirty [Accepted]

post Oct 6 2005, 06:10 PM
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1. Name - Realdirty
2. Class - Rogue
3. Level - 60
4. Professions - Skinning/Elemental Leatherworker
5. Alts - Lvl 60 Warrior Bodan
6. Keyed for Onyxia, Attuned for Mc or BWL - keyed and attuned just not for BWL
7. Why did you leave your last guild, so we don't make the same mistake - I was in Aeternum which once school started back, broke up. I came back one day and noticed everyone had left and I knew most of my friends that were in Aeternum and in my previous guild came over to FP.
8. Are you more of a Hardcore gamer or a Casual gamer. - Casual during school and hardcore during the summer
9. Why would you like to join FP - I hear FP is a large guild that does high end instances, being that I'm lvl 60 with 2 different characters I'd like to do more instances.
10. Sponsor if any - RL friends =Kaslor/Shikimaru/Usagimidori/Hykos/Ratava/Grimauld/Thornblade/Retsnimle. In game=Natedog/Readyakira/Klaudia
11. Anything else you would like to say about yourself. - Just cuz my name is Realdirty doesn't mean I'm really dirty.... unless your a whored, then I'm as dirty as I want to be
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post Oct 6 2005, 07:01 PM
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will yiff 4 fud
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i fixed your app title so it matches all the other ones smile.gif

Gynis, can you innervate Erlin please? Thank you. -Erlin
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post Oct 6 2005, 11:29 PM
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dw dru
RealDirty is the man, and with his initiation every single one of my RL friends will be in this guild O.O, alot of FP have already run instances with him before and he knows how to play, he was there with us on my first onyxia run, and killed many a whelp. i mostly just watched, but its ok i didn't get any loot.

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post Oct 7 2005, 12:01 AM
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Hah yeah I can vouch for dirty here, we've been 'whored' hunting, and he shows no mercy, just the way they deserve it =D Uh, he's a real life friend, great guy, and even though he says 'casual' during school, if there is a run, he'll be there. Anyways, he'd make a great addition to FP, or I can't shield+hearth =P

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post Oct 7 2005, 12:05 AM
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Awesome man,

Your application is under review and we will get back to you within the week. We'll let you know.


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post Oct 7 2005, 04:55 PM
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ub3r l337
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hu wlk
I can also say realdirty is a good fellow....


You can live or you can die. To be horde you choose death.
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post Oct 9 2005, 09:24 PM
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ub3r l337
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Dirtyyy! Dirty's the man, that's all that needs to be said =D He'd be a great addition to FP.

- klakla
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